Interim-management and

In any organization, situations often arise where external help on management or director level can be an asset. Think about a temporary replacement in case of illness or change of assignment, but also about specific projects where you’d rather not assign internal people to so as not to disturb the normal operations of the organization.

Apart from this it can also be interesting to have temporary assistance on CEO level, e.g. for family companies who wish to prepare for further professionalization or privatization. Thanks to my long experience as CEO I can quickly bring your organization to a higher level, and I can implement the necessary changes to optimize the way your organization works.

Interim managers are quickly operational, flexible and generally have a very high profile. On top, they take an objective look to your organization, can quickly identify areas of improvement and can effectively address delicate situations. Hence, we are an excellent fit for crisis management, restructurings or optimalization programs.

An additional advantage of an interim manager is that we work in a very transparent way: you only pay the hours effectively worked and do not have to worry about administration, extralegal advantages etc.

As a “third party” it is easier for interim managers to take difficult but necessary decisions when necessary for a successful change project. Therefore, I am ideally suited to assist you in the transformation of reorganization of your organization and optimize its way of working.

An important difference between me and many consultants or coaches is that I am also involved in the actual operational work. My role hence goes beyond the traditional advice. Thanks to my substantial experience in change management, coaching and assistance I have a large practical experience to help you fully and quickly realize your goals.