Interim-management and
coaching for organizations

A good listener, strategic and analytical thinker.

Because of my rational and analytical way of thinking many people think of me as an engineer (which I am), although I simultaneously have a lot of empathy and an excellent insight in human behavior. A unique combination, but an ideal fit for my interim management assignments and my change management projects.

Different sectors and environments

My experience as interim manager is situated in very diverse industries: telecom, industrial processes, technology, care sector etc, in public as well as private environments. Every change project starts with good listening to have a strong grasp on the situation. Then I make a solid analysis followed by a firm action plan. What is the end goal? The strategy? Are there administrative, practical or commercial obstacles in the way? Which part of the business requires the most attention (procurement, sales, marketing, administration…)?

Other languages and cultures are no problem for me. I am fluently quadrilingual (Dutch, French, English and German) and my work experience stretches from Europe to the US, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Way of working

Every project follow the same structure, whether I am engaged in a reorganization, in crisis management or change programs. First I start with an open dialogue about the assignment, the challenges at hand the and your expectations. When this suits my competences and experience we discuss the time frame and cost of the assignment. Then I arrange a series of talks with the team and organization so as to get a complete and accurate image of the situation at hand. Finally, I propose a specific action plan with a clear timeline, which will be the basis of my assignment.

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